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December 2017

Candle light Yoga

Let´s get together in this highly spiritual time.
With Sanhain, the celebration and connection with our ancestors, we entered the silent period of the year, in which we are invited to take a break and to betake ourselves into profundity to look inside and let go of ballast to invite new clarity and plans with midwinter following.

This year, this transformative energy is even supported by a highly spiritual galactic constellation.

Let´s promenade together towards silence and towards our inner flame with breathing exercises, sitting Asanas and a guided meditation, accompanied by the light of candles and the sound of our breath.


  • Satsangam, Via Incontri 44/L, Firenze (Careggi area).

16.00-17.30: in English
18.00-19.30: in Italian
As required pick up service from end of bus line 14, Piazza Giovanni Meyer included in price.

  • Spazio Co-Stanza, Via del Ponte alle Mosse 32, Firenze (Porta al Prato area).

Tuesday: 28/11, 05/12, 12/12
18–19.30: in Italian

Fee: 1 attendance 15€, 3 attendances 36€, 6 attendances 54€

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