The theoretical foundations

Similiar to other eastern health systems, the concept of invisible energy lines running through the human body, is building the theoratical foundation of Thai Massage. In Thai Massage 10 of these lines are especially highlighted: the ten Sen. Especially important acupressure points are located on these mainlines. Stimulating these points makes it possibe to relieve pain, treat certain diseases and to give a curative treatment for the whole body and it´s organs.

The roots of Thai Massage lie in India. Yoga-Philosophy describes, that we absorbe life energy = Prana through air and food, while breathing and eating. Yoga-Philosophy states as well, that we get supplied with this vital life energy by a network of energy lines = Prana-Nadis. This energy body, which is comprised by 72.000 Prana-Nadis, forms a second skin, a second body in addition to our physical body.
The same theoretical foundation can be found in Chinese Systems of acupressure and acupuncture (where Prana is called Chi,the Sen are called Meridianes) or in the Japanese system of Shiatsu.

The existence of these lines and points (which are keeping western scientists still puzzled) can be validated practically by the curing of deseases and providing relief.
The points and lines enable an exchange between the human body and cosmic energy. Like this the human body is maintained in an energy balance with the energy of the universe. Imbalance, blockages, undersupply or any other disturbance in the flow of Prana leads to physical, emotional or mental illness. Working on the energylines can dissolve eventual blockages, stimulate the free flow of Prana, provide and restore general well-being.

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